A Significant Financial Aid For The Sherlock Holmes Developers

With Russia continuing its invasion f Ukraine, it was high time for the games industry to step up its support for Ukrainian developers.


Frogwares is known for two things: firstly, they have a legal dispute with Nacon (who published the game under their previous name, Bigben Interactive) over who owns the IP for The Sinking City; and secondly, this Ukrainian team is behind the Sherlock Holmes games. They recently released Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (our review is here), and we wrote about it last time that the invasion made it impossible for them to bring the young detective’s story to Xbox One after the PlayStation 4 port…

Frogwares has announced on their website that they have received the Epic Games MegaGrant. According to their statement, “As of right now in Ukraine, the war continues. During this time, we as a studio need to feel strong, maintain a positive mindset and do everything we can to keep the business operating while also providing our team with the support they require. It is why we’re proud to share that we’ve received an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games. The war has negatively affected our production workflows and led to the partial disorganization of our studio. The Epic MegaGrant will be crucial in relocating employees to safer areas. It will help those who’ve moved to remote regions of Ukraine, or other nations in the EU, maintain their financial stability.”

With this money (which, officially, should be between 5 and 500 thousand dollars, but we suspect it’s more), Frogwares will be able to provide the necessary equipment for game design, but let us not forget that the war has also hit the team financially. No wonder they thanked Epic Games for their financial support. This amount could be crucial to the studio’s survival. Let’s not forget that Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One and The Sinking City both used Unreal Engine 4, and Frogwares used version 3 before that for several of its games, so this is a kind of gratitude from Tim Sweeney…

Source: WCCFTech

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