A Twitter Executive Targets Elon Musk!

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, is not sure he can pull the “bird social platform” to him.


The Post Millenial has published a video of Alex Martinez, Twitter’s lead client partner, talking to a member of a group called Project Veritas. Martinez talks about how the company regulates information on the platform and how Musk is trying to change that by acquiring Twitter. At the end of the video, Martinez also talks about the email shared with employees (Project Veritas was pointed out as a potential threat) and is glad that the group didn’t target him.

At the beginning of the video, Martinez is possibly sitting in a restaurant talking to another person, sharing his views on Musk’s possible Twitter takeover. According to the other person, Elon Musk would face tough questions from Twitter’s board and management if he did buy a majority stake in the company. “People don’t know how to make a rational decision if you don’t put out — correct things that are supposed to be out in public, right?” says Martinez, who was cynical about the true intentions of Twitter’s board. According to him, Jack Dorsey (the founder) and Musk want to make money from the deal.

Then he got a question: is profit or ideology at the heart of Twitter? Martinez replied, “Now I think it’s about it. Well, right now, we don’t make a profit. So it’s going to say ideology, which has led us to not being profitable. If we’re implementing all these rules that they’re – and Elon Musk wants to dismantle them, then technically, our ideology has led us not to make money because we’re not making money. And Elon Musk wants to turn it the other way so that we can make money. Do you get what I mean? I do not doubt that there’s more to what they tell us than what they tell us. Like there probably is some more, tell me the real, like-like what you’re asking. I have no doubt there is, but there’s a statement they, [Twitter Board Members] need all 7,000 people to say. And so they can’t like tell us like the real truth like you get what I mean? Like that’s what I’m saying. At the end of the day, what the real truth is that they can’t ever really say is it’s all about money. It’s all about money and making all this money. Parag [Agarwal, Twitter’s CEO], Jack, the board members, get paid. Elon gets tax benefits. He doesn’t have to pay taxes forever. Everything. Like it’s all like a money, sh*t, greed America.”

He then had some pretty strong opinions about Musk. We’ll quote what he said: Here, we quote what he said: “Elon Musk as a person is whatever. I don’t. . .like he’s a loony tune, he has Asperger’s. So he’s special. We all know that. And that’s fine. So here, no one’s going to say some f**cking crazy sh*t because he’s special. Cause again like. . . don’t you also see his piece about “why can’t we just all love each other?” Haven’t you seen his other tweets where he’s like, I’m like you’re special needs — you’re special needs. Though, you are. So I can’t even take what you’re saying seriously. Cause you’re special.”

Then, at the end of the video, Martinez is thankful that Project Veritas hasn’t attacked him so far, and Twitter warned employees about the group so they wouldn’t be in the crosshairs either. Employees were instructed not to share internal information with others. To all this, Musk said that Martinez was smearing free speech and people with Asperger’s syndrome. He then considered whether to buy Twitter because Agarwal has published controversial details about the number of fake accounts.

It will be another long story, almost certainly…

Source: WCCFTech

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