Are The FlatOut Creators Already Working On Their Next Game?

Bugbear Entertainment is rumoured to no longer be focusing on Wreckfest.


We first met Bugbear in the mid-2000s, when the Finnish team created the first two FlatOut games (we won’t talk about the third, and a different studio made the fourth), and then slowly but surely in the 2010s, they made what was then called Next Car Game, now known as Wreckfest, which was pretty good. It got even better over time (the game needed content at launch because when it was released nearly four years ago, it seemed a bit incomplete). Indeed, it was a spiritual successor to FlatOut by the Finns…

A Polish website, ZdobywcyGier, wrote (which has since been deleted, hmm… suspicious, but WCCFTech summarized it for us, luckily) that Bugbear Entertainment is already thinking about a post-Wreckfest game. Supposedly, it will be called Stuntfest, which will be announced later this year. In addition to the FlatOut/Wreckfest pairing, the team is also taking inspiration from Destruction All-Stars, as our character can leave their vehicle to travel on foot. There will also be some desert routes.

The site wrote, “Stuntfest will have different types of events. From racing on maps resembling tracks from Trackmania (huge downhill descents and jumps), through destruction derby, to launching our character to the target straight from the FlatOut series. In Stuntfest, in addition to driving a car, we will be able to move our driver in a similar style as in Destruction All-Stars. We will be able to launch ourselves from the vehicle, move freely around the map and summon the car. Our character will be able to use items assigned to LT and RT on the controller.

When it comes to driving a car, it is similar to that of the Wreckfest, but it is more dynamic. While driving the vehicle, we have nitro and a special skill (Ultimate). One of the unique skills is the Glider, which we can use when in the air. When it comes to the types of vehicles, the variety is excellent. We have pickups, buggies, sports cars, and regular sedans. You can choose your colour. The Wreckfest vehicle damage system also returns to Stuntfest. Vehicles have a health bar and will destroy themselves realistically.”

It is unofficial, but it’s not surprising if something is indeed coming, and we can already guess when the official announcement might come. THQ Nordic, part of the Embracer Group, will have a digital show with lots of reveals to come, and the company will be holding it on August 12.

Source: WCCFTech

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