Daybreak Games’ Marvel MMO Project Cancelled

A major Marvel MMO game from the makers of DC Universe Online was only revealed to be in the works last year.


Yesterday, Sweden’s EG7 announced that they were cancelling their Marvel MMO project and that the money they had been spending on it would be invested in other projects instead. A statement from the company revealed that the management had weighed up the risk involved in the development, the level of investment and the group’s long-term product strategy. It concluded that other developments were a higher priority.

Over the next three years, more than SEK 500 million would have been pumped into the Marvel project. Still, this money will be spread over several smaller projects, such as major updates to The Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online was launched back in 2011, but its servers are still active and the game receives regular updates. Daybreak Games and Dimensional Ink are developing the DC MMO, the former of which would have been responsible for the Marvel MMO. The latter was never officially announced, EG7 only presented the planned project to investors.

While it may seem like a strange move at first to scrap such a project, it will probably actually prove to be a good business decision in the long run if EG7 saw the project as too big of a risk. The half-hearted reception of Marvel’s Avengers has probably somewhat stigmatised the idea of modern superhero MMOs anyway.

Source: EG7

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