Neill Blomkamp Reportedly to Direct Sony’s Gran Turismo Movie

MOZI NEWS – Sony and PlayStation are reportedly in talks with District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to direct the Gran Turismo film adaptation.


While for some reason game adaptations are still a slow business for Hollywood, Sony is not letting go of the subject, as they have a pretty strong interest in that area as well. The studio is expected to come up with 10 video game adaptations in the near future, most of which will be available as series. God of War is coming, for example, as well as adaptations of the Horizon games, but of course, the closest we’re getting is The Last of Us, which is scheduled to finish shooting next month.

On the film front, things are not so rosy, although Uncharted has not done badly at the box office – it has a sequel on the way. And while a few days ago there were rumours that Gran Turismo could be made into a series, now information has emerged that Sony is targeting the big screen with a remake of the car game. And they’ve even got their eye on a director.

We’d be quick to add that the South African filmmaker is currently attached and not signed on, but given that Blomkamp has directed almost exclusively short films since 2015’s Chappie (apart from last year’s ground-breaking Demon), we think it would be foolish of him not to take on the project.

If only because Gran Turismo is a game with a really rich history, one of the most authentic car simulators with a huge fanbase. Moreover, the 7th instalment of the franchise was launched not so long ago, and there is still huge interest in it. It wouldn’t be the first car video game to get a film adaptation, as Need for Speed was adapted into a rather forgettable movie a few years ago. We hope that, if the project comes together, Blomkamp will be able to use his own trademark touches to spice up the story in a way that feels new.

Source: Movieweb

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