Virtual Terror: Resident Evil Village Gets Its Own PSVR 2 Version! [VIDEO]

Alongside the announcement of Resident Evil Village comes further news on the franchise’s upcoming new releases on PlayStation.



The intense interest in Resident Evil Village is not surprising, as RE has become one of Capcom’s most successful franchises. So it’s no surprise that the Japanese company is squeezing every last ounce of potential out of the Shinji Mikami-created universe. The latest numbered instalment in the series, Village, has proven its worth to the brand and has achieved impressive sales figures, but Capcom is far from giving up on the adventure.

In fact, the recently announced Resident Evil 4 Remake will include PS VR 2 content.

That’s why, at the recent State of Play, developers gave us another reason to return to Lady Dimitrescu’s world with a PS VR 2 exclusive. The news was accompanied by a trailer featuring gameplay footage, allowing us to experience the benefits of virtual reality through interactions with various objects in the game and encounters with the main characters in the episode.

A release date for the new version has not yet been set.

However, it is worth noting that this is not the only news linking Resident Evil to virtual reality. In this regard, State of Play has also presented us with a Resident Evil 4 Remake alongside a new version of the Village, which will arrive with a date already set for content for PS VR 2.

On the other hand, PlayStation State of Play surprised us with several relevant announcements. On the one hand, the Japanese company is still betting on the PC ecosystem through the remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man; and it also revealed news about an adventure that gamers have been waiting for: this title is none other than Stray – popularly known as the “cat game”.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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