Valheim: crossplay between the upcoming Xbox version and the PC version

Iron Gate has also said that the development of the console version will not hold back new content.


According to developers Iron Gate AB, when Valheim arrives on Xbox consoles in 2023, there will be crossplay with the PC version. Valheim will be released this autumn on the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass.

An Iron Gate representative on Discord said in a comment, “there will be full crossplay, meaning you can play on Steam with friends who use Xbox, or any other combination”.

This is very nice, as it means that your friends on Xbox can join the dedicated servers you’ve been running and see the world you’ve been working on for the past year.

Plus, you won’t need a Microsoft account to access crossplay, although there’s apparently sync progress between playing on PC Game Pass and playing on Xbox. According to Iron Gate, it’s “a little unclear” at the moment whether syncing between Xbox consoles and the Steam version will be possible.

Iron Gate also said that the development of the console version would not slow down work on the base game or the upcoming Mistlands update. Porting will be handled by an external team.

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