Diablo Immortal: Already Proven That You Need To Spend A Lot!

A Twitch streamer spent a fortune to obtain a single five-star Legendary Gem in the game…


We’ve talked about how others have calculated that you’d have to spend a ton of dough to max out a character in Activision Blizzard’s latest money-sucking video game. Diablo Immortal’s user reviews have made it one of Blizzard’s worst-received games. Despite the company releasing it somewhat early on iOS and Android (as well as PC), the game has a predatory monetization system that would require you to waste several YEARS to max out a single character without spending.

Quin69, a Twitch streamer, started playing Diablo Immortal immediately after its release and spent money in the process to see how it affected his character’s performance and thus directly experience the endgame exploitative monetization system. On Twitter, he shared that he spent NZ$25165.67 to get ONE 5-star Legendary Gem and thanked Blizzard for this “authentic Diablo experience”. That’s almost $16K. So if he had to spend that much, the chances of someone getting that gem without spending that much, which is necessary for character development, are almost nil.

But Quin was fed up: he deleted his character after getting the gem and then protestingly uninstalled Diablo Immortal, a game developed with Chinese tech giant NetEase, from his PC, but chances are Activision Blizzard won’t care. And we’ll tell you why: two weeks after its release, Diablo Immortal has reached $24 million in consumer spending. 43% came from the US and 26% from South Korea. According to, the App Store and Google Play have roughly the same share (13 million for Apple, 11 for Google). The rest of the countries: Japan – 8%, Germany – 6%, Canada – 3%.

Money talks and the streamer will be ignored…

Source: GameRant, Gamesindustry

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