Could The Crisis Ease? AMD RX 6000 Graphics Card Prices Fall

TECH NEWS – The GPU world seems to be recovering from the price hikes that hit a generation ago, with some AMD hardware prices dropping significantly.



Although Intel says the chip shortage will persist for a while, AMD has some good news on the price front. For those who haven’t been paying attention lately, GPU prices are falling, only partly due to a drop in demand, and prices for some AMD and Nvidia hardware have started to decline significantly.

According to the latest report from the German site 3DCenter, spotted by Videocardz, those in Europe who were hoping for a new AMD graphics card can breathe a sigh of relief. Provided stocks are adequate, it will now be possible to buy an RX 6000 card for less than MSRP – the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

A graph shows how much prices have fallen recently, and the data collected shows that this RDNA product line is, on average, about 8% below retail value.

The most significant drop seems to be for the RX 6500 XT, which is up to 23% below MSRP. In comparison, the RX 6600 could potentially be 20% above the retail price.

A few Nvidia GPUs were also included in the data, although these are still averaging more than their MSRP, albeit only by around 2%, so this can still be considered good news. Again, it should be reiterated that these figures are for Europe for now but hopefully will have an impact on other territories such as the US.

Graphics card prices have been plummeting recently, and now seems to be an excellent time to buy a new product from the red or green team. Intel is not included in the data as, frankly, the newcomers have barely stepped off the starting line as there seems to be a delay in the launch of the Arc desktop card, which has only just started selling in China.

With that said, the next generation could be just a few months away.

With AMD aiming to launch RDNA 3 in October this year at the earliest, the race is on to see which of the two tech giants will dominate this increasingly competitive market, especially given the ongoing deficit.

Of course, the red team’s most significant rival will not make things any easier. Nvidia is set to launch its RTX 40 series this September. Reportedly the Ada Lovelace series has been delayed by a month; the original date was around August. This still puts the team ahead of AMD in the green, but both companies will be looking to roll out a lot of new generation graphics technology in the coming months.

Source: Videocardz

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