What, Square Enix Wants Blockchain-Based Final Fantasy Games?!

Relax, no Final Fantasy blockchain games are in the pipeline just yet, but Square Enix is seriously considering NFTs…



Ever since the concept of blockchain games and NFTs went mainstream, no one has been more enthusiastic about them than Square Enix. The Japanese publisher’s CEO Yosuke Matsuda has repeatedly stated that blockchain technology is essential to the company’s future, once controversially hinting that Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and the money from the sale of IPs like Tomb Raider would be reinvested in their blockchain ambitions.

Square Enix has since retracted this, saying that the $300 million from sales would be used to fund new IP and improve their core development capabilities.

But let there be no doubt: their commitment to blockchain remains undiminished.

During the report of Square Enix’s 2022 shareholder meeting (thanks to Japanese Twitter user and blogger Michsuzuki for the original piece and Siliconera for unearthing the information), the RPG publisher delved deeper into its blockchain plans. Apparently, the publisher hopes to offer NFTs that will somehow deliver the story content (how that will work is unknown at this point).

Despite this, Matsuda is still cautious about embracing blockchain for big franchises like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, as he is aware that fans have certain expectations of these franchises…

“It’s a bit too early to make Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games; we’re not there yet to think about it.”

It makes sense for Square Enix to experiment before fully embracing blockchain, but make no mistake if these experiments work, it’s likely that Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest NFTs will be made. That said, things are moving relatively slowly for now, with only a few SE mobile games embracing blockchain technology.

Source: Siliconera

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