Film & TV Adaptations For Persona And Other Atlus Games Could Be In The Works?!

MOVIE NEWS – SEGA believes that Atlus franchises such as Persona can appeal to audiences because of their dramatic nature and is already considering a live-action adaptation.



SEGA seems to have been tempted by the success of video game adaptations and has not hesitated to open the catalogue of Atlus, which developed Persona and many other hit series in preparation for a new production.

“We see an opportunity to expand the story in a way we’ve never seen or played before” – Toru Nakahara

So says an exclusive report from IGN, revealing that SEGA is looking to expand its sagas to the big and small screen, starting with Atlus’ famous IPs, with adaptations of Persona, Shin Megami Tensei and Catherine among the titles we could see. So far, not many details have been revealed about the nature of these productions, but the Japanese publisher is already thinking about live-action proposals.

“The Atlus worlds are full of drama, innovative style and compelling characters,” explained Toru Nakahara, executive producer of the Sonic movies and Sonic Prime series. “Stories like those in the Persona franchise resonate really well with our fans, and we see an opportunity to expand the story in ways we’ve never seen or played before.” SEGA has not confirmed which production companies it would like to work with if it continues its TV and film initiatives.

In any case, Atlus has provided plenty of news in recent weeks. Focusing exclusively on the franchise, it has already been confirmed that Persona 5 Royal, 4 Golden and 3 Portable will be coming to Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch, although a PS5 version has also been announced.

Source: IGN

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