Giancarlo Esposito from Better Call Saul Would Like a Spinoff About Gustavo Fring [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – As Better Call Saul draws close, Giancarlo Esposito has admitted that he thinks there’s more to explore about Gus Fring’s character.


While it’s already set in stone that Better Call Saul will end this summer, it’s unclear whether the Breaking Bad universe will stop expanding. Giancarlo Esposito, who has played legendary drug lord Gustavo Fring since 2009, has publicly expressed interest in developing Fring’s story after Better Call Saul ends.

Esposito revealed that while he’s sad to see Better Call Saul end, he also detailed a conversation with showrunner Vince Gilligan. According to Esposito, Gilligan may have hinted that the ethos of Breaking Bad would be expanded.

While appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Esposito was honest about his feelings: he expected the franchise to continue.

“I’m a little choked up. I don’t want to talk about it! It’s over. It’s going to be over. I never want to say… well, Vince Gilligan said, ‘It’s not over until it’s over.’ But what does that mean? Is that a clue? And for me, I think it may be a clue because I take all of that as an actor; you take that personally like there could be something else.”

Esposito later spoke about how his performance as Fring in Better Call Saul was different than in Breaking Bad due to a different setting.

“I feel like I got a chance in season 6 to explore a more vulnerable, different Gustavo Fring… Lalo Salamanca is a threat to me, and I always control the chaos and steer what’s happening, but this season, I’m vulnerable, nervous, and not the same Gustavo Fring you’ve ever seen before. So you get a more nuanced performance and a wider range of emotion behind Gus.”

Giancarlo Esposito isn’t the first actor from Better Call Saul to admit that he’s interested in reprising his character in a possible spinoff, as Rhea Seehorn made a similar statement not long ago. All fans of this universe want to see more, as both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are dizzying series. Remember that Better Call Saul was conceived before Breaking Bad was finished.

Back to Esposito, he is 100% right about Fring. Better Call Saul was meant to show how Breaking Bad’s meth lab came to be and how it helped Mike become the hitman he became. His character has so much potential that more stories could be told. Little has been revealed about the backstory of Los Pollos Hermanos before it was founded or how it got involved in the drug trade. Breaking Bad hinted that there was no record of him in South America before he emigrated to the US, leaving a lot of room to explore how he became the criminal mastermind fans know him to be.

Of course, as they say, some stories are better left untold. Gus Fring is one of the greatest television villains of all time, currently playing a role in which he is not the series’ villain. Some franchises have also suffered from mystery reveals that turned out not to be as enticing as fans would have liked – think X-Men Origins: Wolverine – so while fans would love to see Gus Fring’s origin and Vince Gilligan’s and Peter Gould have shown every sign that they know how to make a prequel, maybe it’s better to leave them alone and not push this currently perfect franchise any further. What did you think about this? Write it in the comments!

Better Call Saul will continue with its final season on July 11, 2022, on AMC.

Source: Gamerant

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