Another Johnny Depp Trial?! He Might’ve Settled The Case Before The Court

MOVIE NEWS – Johnny Depp has reportedly settled the lawsuit against him over an alleged 2017 assault case ahead of a scheduled trial date.



It looks like Johnny Depp won’t be back in court anytime soon. It was previously reported that Depp was sued by a cast member who worked with him in the 2017 film City of Lies. Greg “Rocky” Brooks, the crew chief, claimed that Depp punched him repeatedly in the ribs and offered Brooks $100,000 to hit him back. Johnny Depp denied these allegations and is scheduled to stand trial on July 25.

THR is now reporting that a settlement has been reached. A notice of settlement was filed with the court on Monday, requiring Depp to comply with unspecified terms of the settlement by the end of August. If Depp does not comply, the case will be reopened. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

“The settlement agreement conditions dismissal of this matter on the satisfactory completion of specified terms that are not to be performed within 45 days of the date of the settlement,” the filing reads in part.

Depp was represented by attorney Camille Vasquez, who became a famous celebrity after the televised lawsuit involving Amber Heard. Several witnesses were scheduled to testify alongside Johnny Depp at the trial, including script supervisor Emma Danoff, who denied Brooks’ allegations. According to Danoff, Depp never physically touched Brooks, although he did argue with him after Brooks allegedly mistreated a black homeless woman, calling her derogatory names and calling her names.

“He immediately stood up from our shared seat on the edge of a planter bench and went over to Brooks to stand up for the woman,” Danoff said, adding that he backed up his story with time-stamped photos. “Mr. Depp said to Mr. Brooks, ‘You can’t talk to her like that. You think she is something less than you? Who do you think you are? How dare you?'”

In any case, it’s reassuring that there won’t be another Johnny Depp court case in the media in the coming weeks and months, although there could easily be many business people who could benefit from another circus…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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