Halloween Ends Will Be Very Relevent

MOVIE NEWS – The plot of Killer Halloween continues the story of the previous film, 2018’s Halloween, a few minutes later, the final piece of the trilogy, Halloween Ends, however, jumps years forward in time.


We’re in the present, post-pandemic, and after we’ve experienced “strange political turns,” as director, David Gordon Green put it on the ReelBlend podcast. It follows from all this that the citizens of the imaginary small town of Haddonville are not only very tense because of the rampage of the Rém, but also the public events of recent years have seriously frayed their nerves. From all of this, it can be concluded that Halloween ends may be the most serious piece of the long-standing series if it also carries an additional message.

The last opus’s protagonist is Jamie Lee Curtis, who is also one of the producers alongside John Carpenter, who created the original Halloween.

(Halloween Ends – domestic release: October 13.)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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