The Final Trailer For The Sandman Has Arrived With New Infos! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The fresh trailer for Netflix’s new Sandman series brings Neil Gaiman’s world to life and offers a stunning look ahead of the series premiere.



The latest trailer for Netflix’s The Sandman series has arrived, giving us the best look yet at the host of wild characters that have emerged from the pages of Neil Gaiman’s comic books. Released after The Sandman panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer offers the most profound insight into the stunning worlds realised for the series, as well as new images of Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus, Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, Jenna Coleman as Constantine, Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian, as well as the first look at Mark Hamill’s character Mervyn Pumpkinhead and the voice of Patton Oswalt as Matthew, the Raven.

The Sandman centres on Morpheus, the King of Dreams, who escapes from a century in prison to find that his relics of power have been scattered across many universes and the Dreamland is in ruins.

As one of the Seven Infinite Beings, Dream sets out on a journey to restore his home, enlisting the help of his brothers as he clashes with his nemesis, The Corinthian. As one of Dream’s nightmarish creations, The Corinthian has taken on the role of a serial killer in the real world, and the trailer showed off his comic book appearance in all its terrifying glory.

For anyone familiar with The Sandman comics, the sheer scope of Gaiman’s vision is something that could not even have been attempted to be adapted in the past, and it seems to have been one of the things that held the series back for a long time.

Over the past decade, Gaiman has seen several potential adaptation versions proposed, including a script from The Boys creator Erik Kripke that didn’t fit the vision he wanted for the series. Now that Gaiman has been patient for so long, he has managed to realise his vision the way he wanted it, and we are only a few weeks away from finding out if it was all worth it.

The Sandman arrives on Netflix on August 5.

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