Bayonetta 3: Now Whose Idea Was It To Censor The Game?!

In the announcement of the optional censorship mode for Bayonetta 3, the series creator confirmed that Nintendo has never requested censorship of games.



One of the new features of Bayonetta 3 was the recently announced Naive Angel Mode. It’s an optional mode that, when turned on, hides some of the more spectacular elements of the character. PlatinumGames showcased the mode in a video that highlights the differences. The creator of the Bayonetta series, Hideki Kamiya, recently spoke out on the matter, confirming that the decision was solely PlatinumGames’ and that Nintendo never asked the company to censor any of its games.

In a recent tweet thread translated by Nintendo Everything, Kamiya notes that he saw Nintendo bring up why this optional mode was included in Bayonetta 3.

He reiterates that the only time Nintendo has requested a change during the development of the series on Nintendo consoles was regarding Bayonetta Link’s costume. Even then, they asked for the outfit to be more “revealing”, as the original design featured an undergarment, and Nintendo felt it didn’t fit the character for her to wear one.

In the rest of the post, Kamiya notes that no bias influenced Nintendo’s decision to add Naive Angel mode to Bayonetta 3. He confirms that players can enjoy the game without worrying about Nintendo asking the designers to censor any part of the game. He concludes with an old interview with Iwacchi (nickname of the late Satoru Iwata), stating that Nintendo is not a company with “bureaucracy on every corner”. He also noted that the company is open to discussions about game development and sales.

Kamiya is an outspoken member of the games industry, where he is known for being incredibly vocal in his criticism of English-speaking fans, with whom he communicates on Twitter.

He has been optimistic about the development of Bayonetta 3, stating that, just as the second instalment could not have been made without Nintendo, the third could only have been made with Nintendo’s support.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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