Last Oasis MMO Developers Admit Game Is Horrible, Promise Changes

Donkey Crew decided to change the essence of the game to ensure its survival.


While it’s not uncommon for games to completely change their face after receiving updates, few companies are as transparent about their motives as Donkey Crew. In a message posted on Steam, the developer admitted that the MMO Last Oasis is in a horrible state and needs to undergo major changes to have any chance of turning good in the future.

The first signs that something was wrong with the game came on July 5th of this year, when the creators admitted that it wasn’t fun. According to the designer responsible for the project, after hours dedicated to the survival adventure, the team of creators felt that it did not bring the necessary elements to stand out among competitors.

As a result of self-analysis, Last Oasis began its fifth season, L’Overhaul, last Tuesday (2), which promises to change central aspects of its experience. Now the game will focus almost exclusively on PvE combat, which promises to become much more challenging than seen in past versions of the game. Battles against other players, although still present, will become completely optional.


Last Oasis must win a crueller world


The update also promises to make the game world crueller, making players have to work harder to stay fed and safe. With that, the environment itself must become the threat against which players will need to fight, demonstrating the MMO’s survival characteristics.

Last Oasis also incorporated a new fixed base system, limiting the use of units known as walkers to exploration and combat missions whose central objective is obtaining resources. The game’s designers admit that the changes may not be to everyone’s taste , but decided to make them as a way of ensuring that the title has the potential to attract more people.

The MMO entered early access in March 2020 and has since gone through a bumpy development process involving its servers’ temporary shutdown. Still, with no expectation of receiving a release date, the game is being sold for 50% off on Steam ( R$ 34.99 ) until the 8th of August.

Source: PC Gamer

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