John Marston’s Voice Actor Wouldn’t Object To A Red Dead Redemption Remaster

Rockstar is now more concerned with Grand Theft Auto VI (but it’s definitely not coming out this year, and maybe not even next year…), so there’s about zero chance that they’ll modernize 2010’s Red Dead Redemption…


Rob Wiethofff voiced John Marston, the main character of Red Dead Redemption, which was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (interestingly, the second part was later released for PC, but Rockstar hasn’t even thought about how stupid it is that the first part wasn’t ported…). He talked about the rumours surrounding the game in an interview on the Dan Allen Gaming YouTube channel.

We heard rumours that Rockstar was planning a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, which was then scrapped, but the state of the heavily neglected Red Dead Online was also mentioned. Wiethofff stressed that he doesn’t know what Rockstar is planning: “I would love for it [the remaster] to happen. I don’t know. I would love an opportunity to work with [Rockstar Games] again. Whether it be remastering something or something different, I don’t know. I can’t say enough good things about Rockstar. If they do that, great, that would be awesome.”

There’s not much chance of that happening because Rockstar (and, through the company, owner Take-Two) has now put all their eggs in Grand Theft Auto VI’s basket. They’re pushing the money-making Grand Theft Auto Online (which already affected Grand Theft Auto V: it’s no coincidence that the game released in September 2013 didn’t get any single-player DLC). Wiethofff also added that he doesn’t like how Rockstar treats Red Dead Online fans: they’re not getting what they want: “I would love for everyone to have whatever they want. I guess the other way you have to look at this, whatever it is Rockstar is doing, and you know they’re doing something huge… you’re going to fall in love with that too.”

All we can say is that we will see, but there is not much to be optimistic about.

Source: PSL

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