Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII’s Scrapped Campaign Mode Has Been Leaked!

More than four hundred images have surfaced from the story mode that was planned to be a 2v2 race but was eventually cancelled.


On Reddit, PurpleToaster20 published a ton of images from Treyarch’s cancelled game mode. These include documentation, early builds of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, and the storyboards. Since there are a lot of images, it’s worth a visit to Reddit. Still, if you’re patient, you can also watch a video from August 18, as assets and information will all be revealed in this nearly half-hour-long piece, and the leaker says he’s gathered this batch from multiple sources.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII’s story mode was cancelled in 2017. In it, two teams of two players would have raced each other to the finish line. The mode, codenamed “career”, was supposed to have 15-20 minute missions, where the AI would have also interfered. The narrative would have been set in a post-Black Ops III world, plagued by a pandemic and natural disasters. We could have served in the Free People’s Army or the evolved United Nations, called World United Nations. Supposedly, several of the game’s maps were put together with this mode at launch.

The short missions would have included unique events depending on which side you were serving, so the two sides of the field would have offered two different perspectives, and there would have been events where conflict would have resulted in armed combat, so there could have been shorter PvP sessions where you could slow the other team down. Four missions were almost done according to the leaker (Air Assault Convoy, Data Control, Data Escape, Snatch and Grab). Snatch and Grab would have only been playable if the World United Nations had won Data Control, so that’s why there could have been variety in the cancelled single-player experience.

It’s a shame that this didn’t end up happening because it would have been unique because of its competitive style.

Source: VG247

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