Simplified Steam Presence For The Older DOOM And Quake Games

In conjunction with QuakeCon, id Software is making it easier to acquire its older games on Valve’s digital platform.


The studio has posted on Steam how it will make it easier and more content-rich for gamers who don’t have everything to get past DOOM and Quake titles via Gabe Newells’ digital store. The first DOOM will be called DOOM (1993) instead of Ultimate DOOM, but there are no other changes. This rename will also keep it distinct from the 2016 reboot. DOOM II is a bit more complicated. DOOM II (Enhanced), Master Levels for DOOM II, and Final DOOM will be available in a single pack when you see DOOM II on Steam (they will be launchable separately).

For DOOM 3, the base game and DOOM 3: BFG Edition will be merged into one. If you have one and don’t have the other, you’ll get both, and if the base game is installed, you’ll also get the DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil add-on (they can be installed separately). Quake II will include the base game plus The Reckoning and Ground Zero add-ons, and Quake III Arena and Quake III Team Arena will be part of the same bundle (they can be installed separately).

The DOOM Classic Complete Bundle will be replaced by the DOOM Classic Bundle, which will include DOOM (1993), DOOM II, DOOM 3 and DOOM 64, while the DOOM Franchise Bundle will be further expanded with DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition. And the Quake Franchise Bundle includes Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena, Quake Live, and Quake 4.

Finally, several items will disappear from the Steam listing (they’ll remain in our library, but we’ll describe what they will launch): the Quake II Demo, Quake III Arena Demo, and Quake III Team Arena Demo will disappear; Quake III Team Arena will be part of the new Quake III Arena pack. Final DOOM and Master Levels for DOOM II will launch the new DOOM II. Quake II Mission Pack: The Reckoning and Quake II Mission Pack: Ground Zero will join the Quake II launcher. Both DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil and DOOM 3: BFG Edition will install the new DOOM 3. Those with the BFG Edition will receive a free update to the new edition.

What a convenient and fair attitude from id Software.

Source: PCGamer

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