Sony Has Addressed The PS Store Shovelware Problem

Over the past week or two, more and more PlayStation Store users have begun to voice their concerns about the influx of cheap, lightweight shovelware (cheap, low-end games) that often adorn the new releases section.


Almost all of these games have the same basic premise: press X to unlock trophies and get platinum within minutes. We’ve seen everything from The Jumping Brownie to The Jumping Fries. Now it seems Sony has taken note of the outrage, and while the games are still on the sale list, the company has at least found a workaround.


Shovelware and light trophies are here to stay


As noted by NeoGAF users (via Exputer), it seems Sony has updated how it sorts new games in the PS Store, ensuring that the right section highlights the suitable games, as opposed to “jumping games” as they are rightly called. The shovelware still exists, but it’s buried a little lower down so that when you open the PS Store app or the console’s store interface, you’re not slapped with lightweight trophy games when you browse new releases. The PS Store has returned to the default sorting of ‘best-selling’ games.

How is it possible, you ask, that Sony allows such sloppy games on the PS Store? I guess that there is plenty of demand for them. A glance at sites like PSNProfiles shows that even within the trophy hunting community, some want to increase their trophy count rather than take on the challenge of unlocking difficult platinum. As long as there is demand for these games, the games themselves will continue to exist.

Otherwise, for those who really want easy platinum trophies but with better content, we can recommend the old Telltale games if you don’t already have them.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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