Nintendo Switch: No Price Increase Planned!

While Sony is reluctant to say whether there will be a price increase for the PlayStation 5, Nintendo has openly stated that they have no plans to raise prices.


Nintendo has also been hit by the parts shortage (it’s like 2020 all over again), but not only did it emerge from their quarterly report (and we’ve already written about where the Nintendo Switch is in terms of sales), but also that Switch sales are down by more than 20% due to a shortage of semiconductors, but Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Big N, told the Asian Nikkei confirmed that this would not be the case with the hybrid console, which is available in three formats (base, Lite and the larger display and dock OLED model), not planned to hit stores at a higher price, as they don’t want to price out the people.

Furukawa said, “We’re not considering [a price increase] at this point, for two reasons. Nintendo has sold more than 100 million Switch units so far, and it’s important to maintain the momentum of our overall business. Generally speaking, a weak yen makes domestic Switch sales less profitable. Nintendo will continue to sell three [Switch] models: the standard model; the Switch Lite with a reduced price, size and features; and the OLED model. We’ll work out the best strategy as we go along. We’re doing our best to procure high-quality products at an appropriate price with an eye toward the next few years. All I can say is that we’ll try to keep up sales at the same pace. Having hit software also gives a boost to hardware.”

What is certain is that no new hardware is planned for the fiscal year ending in March, so the rumoured Switch Pro won’t even be announced until spring if, indeed, there is such a thing in the works. The OLED display Switch, launched last October, has a 720p resolution and a dock with a built-in LAN port, but other than that, its performance is on par with the previous two versions.

But don’t forget that the Switch will be five and a half years old by September. Considering 6-7 years as a console generation, we should consider a sequel (despite the ten years mentioned by the big N we discussed earlier).

Source: VG247

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