Amy Hennig To Work On A New Team-Based Marvel Game?!

Disney has revealed what Marvel, Skydance Media and Amy Hennig have in store for the game launch at D23.



Amy Hennig’s Marvel game is one of two titles being developed by the industry veteran as part of Skydance New Media, a relatively new division within Skydance that the former Uncharted director joined in 2019. The previous Marvel game was the division’s first title, announced in partnership with Marvel Entertainment in October 2021, and is said to be a narrative-driven action-adventure game. Skydance followed the announcement in April 2022 that it was working with Lucasfilm Games on another such game set in the Star Wars universe – both of which will also be revealed at Disney’s D23 event in September.

Little information about the games has been publicly shared so far beyond focusing on genre and narrative, which is not surprising given Hennig’s tenure at Naughty Dog.

It doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon for the Hennig-led Skydance Star Wars game. That said, Disney has confirmed some more information about the studio’s upcoming Marvel game, which will be unveiled as part of the D23 Disney and Marvel Games Showcase. In a press release, Disney says the title will be a team-based “ensemble game” featuring multiple heroes rather than focusing on a single character.

So the next question is, will the game feature a random collection of heroes, or will it star one of the many teams from Marvel’s vast comic book history?

Although the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are the most well-known teams in pop culture and are a safe bet, they have already been featured in titular games thanks to a collaboration between Marvel and Square Enix. Gamers can also be sure that Midnight Suns won’t be either, as the supernatural-focused team is the protagonist of Firaxis Games’ own tactical strategy game.

However, Marvel isn’t short of options either, should Hennig’s Skydance decide not to focus on one of the teams mentioned above.

The two most certain, well-known options would be the Fantastic Four or the X-Men, although the latter has been seen in a fair number of video games.

Skydance could also choose to focus on some of the lesser-known teams, such as X-Force, the Defenders, Alpha Flight, the Thunderbolts or the West Coast Avengers, and each team could add a unique twist to Skydance’s gameplay, such as the Thunderbolts roster of villains and anti-heroes who could be a bit more violent, or the West Coast Avengers, where developers could play with more humorous heroes like Squirrel Girl.

Source: Business Wire

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