There really can never be an end to Halloween movies

MOVIE NEWS – Evil can never die as long as it can make money. With this witty statement, Movieweb announces the new information that A Halloween ends will probably not be the end of the Halloween series.


This would be the third and final part of the new trilogy, but as before, many people have already speculated, since the franchise is so successful, further parts may be made. Now the creator of the first piece, the 1978 classic Halloween – Night of Horror, who is the creative collaborator of the new trilogy, John Carpenter said that the masked horror is still early to bury. The current new trilogy was produced by the Blumhose production company, which makes big with low-budget films, and originally they did not want to continue, but since then the position has changed. Now Carpenter is of the opinion that as long as there is money in a film, it is not over. Jason Blum, the studio’s producer, also believes that although the contract for the new trilogy was only for three parts, there is no obstacle to agreeing on further sequels. It all depends on how A Halloween Ends does.

(Halloween Ends – domestic release: October 13, 2022)

Source: UIP


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