The director of Smile has already shown white teeth

MOVIE NEWS – The psychological thriller Smile, in which smiling brings a strange, paralyzing terror to everyone who experiences it in certain situations, will soon be shown in domestic cinemas.


The film was written and directed by Parker Finn, who received the opportunity from the Paramount studio because his second short film Laura Hasn’t Slept two years ago was a huge critical and audience success. In Smile, he developed the motives of Laura… more thoroughly.

However, this was not Finn’s only big throw. Four years ago, he already caused a huge sensation with his first short film. In Hidebehind (approx. The Hiding One) he elaborated a 19th-century folk tale in which a terror scouts its victims by hiding behind their backs. In this modern story by Finn, a hiker gets lost in the woods and comes across the horror. The short film was made with two actors, sets and tricks among the trees, but it is extremely effective and already shows that we will hear more about Finn.

Hidebehind can be viewed here.

(Smile – domestic premiere: September 29, 2022)

Source: UIP

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