Overwatch 2: Can The Skins & Rewards Be Carried Over From The First Game…?

Blizzard is launching a cross-progression system that will help bring Overwatch players’ skins and rewards into Overwatch 2.



In a press release posted on the Overwatch 2 website, Blizzard announced that cross-progression would be rolled out in both Overwatch and Overwatch 2. Players will be able to combine account progression and cosmetics into one account through the verification process on Players will be asked which accounts they would like to merge with their account when they first log in, followed by a series of steps that will quickly guide them through the process of merging accounts.

If players combine their accounts now, they’ll be ready when the title switches to the Overwatch 2 game launcher, and all of their cosmetics will be easily accessible.

Cross-progression can be set up and ready for the second part starting today, but this solution has a few caveats.

Blizzard explains in the announcement FAQ that Overwatch players will only have one option to merge their preferred accounts. There will apparently not be an option to “buy” other accounts to merge, as there was with the name change in Overwatch. Players will only be able to merge one per account on each platform. For example, one PlayStation and one PC account or one Switch, PC and Xbox account, but not two PC accounts.

Most of the FAQ questions were for console players and covered things like combining Overwatch League tokens, credits, custom game settings, approval levels and other things. Competitive SR placements and game settings such as sensitivity and button assignment will remain segregated by input pools.

The introduction of cross-progression appears to be one of the final steps to ensure that console Overwatch players are prepared and in the best position to make a smooth transition to Overwatch 2.

Cross-progression was introduced in Overwatch over a year ago, allowing players to play against each other on almost every platform except ranked tournaments. While Blizzard is urging console players to do so as soon as possible, these changes won’t be visible until Overwatch 2 launches after October 4.

Source: Blizzard

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