An Ex-Payday Developer’s Studio Is Working On Large-Scale Co-Op FPS?!

Ulf Andersson’s 10 Chambers studios, who made his name with Payday games, were previously responsible for GTFO.



Ulf Andersson was the designer of both Payday games before becoming CEO and creative director of 10 Chambers, so he knows a thing or two about co-operative heists. Although 10 Chambers continued the co-operative theme with the hardcore horror shooter GTFO, which released version 1.0 in December, GTFO didn’t have the “Robert De Niro tries to orchestrate the perfect crime and it all goes wrong” vibe of the Payday games. But the next release from 10 Chambers sounds like it does.

In an interview with the NME, Andersson described the studio’s upcoming game this way, “I’m back on the heist shit, basically – so it’s a heist co-operative FPS, and it has a sort of a techno-thriller theme.”

“I read a lot of sci-fi books, and so imagine everything that cyberpunk is inspired by, and a ton of other shit.”

Unlike the Payday games, which were defined by those moments when the alarm goes off, and you end up running through the streets, shot out of the bank, with a sports bag full of loot, 10 Chambers wants his next game to be less damaging to the eardrums. “This one won’t be constant shooting,” Andersson said. “Payday had a massive problem where the action would ramp up and then it would just stay ramped up.”

It won’t be as extreme in terms of difficulty as GTFO, which required stealth and teamwork and wasn’t generous with checkpoints. Or, as Andersson summed up, GTFO: “You can sneak for an hour, at least and then just fucking die, right?” His next project will be a little more forgiving, he said. “So it’s not gonna have that hardcore thing to it. It is more mechanically smooth, or you could say, easier to play.”

10 Chambers’ heist FPS doesn’t have a name or release date yet. “We haven’t put a date on it,” Andersson said, “because we don’t want to miss a deadline or overpromise. We’re in pre-production at the moment, but things are ramping up quite fast.”

Last we heard, Payday 3 is still in development at Overkill Software, will use the Unreal Engine, and will take the characters from the original game to New York, where heists are complicated by modern surveillance technology and gadgets. There’s a pretty good chance that at least one map will be based around cryptocurrency. It is scheduled for release in 2023.

Source: NME

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