Steam Deck Takes Over The World – Valve Reaches Significant Milestone!

There are now five thousand verified compatible games on Steam Deck – that’s ten per cent of all titles available on Steam!



Valve reached another milestone for Steam Deck this week when it revealed that it has now passed the 5,000 verified compatible games on its portable games console. Not bad, considering Steam’s catalogue had just over 50,000 games at the last count in 2021.

Games have to pass four categories to qualify as “Verified” and receive the valuable green tick.

The four criteria to be checked off are Input, Display, Seamlessness, and System Support. If a game does not meet all of these criteria but is still playable with certain conditions, it is only considered “playable”.

“Playable” may mean that some of the text within the game is too small to read or that the game displays non-Steam Deck controller icons. Valve has a more detailed checklist that gives developers everything they need before submitting their games for compatibility review. This process usually takes about a week from submission.

5,000 is a pretty impressive number considering the sheer volume of games on Steam. As more and more Steam Decks are shipped, Valve has set a goal to get more Steam games Verified or at least Playable, especially previously unsupported games.

Source: Backlinko, Twitter

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