Halo Infinite: No Local Co-Op, But We Know When Forge Is Coming [VIDEO]

343 Industries continues to have a problem with the new Halo, which we can safely say deserves better than this, as it’s one of Microsoft’s most essential IPs!


Halo Infinite’s post-launch schedule is far from smooth. It’s somewhat incomplete, which is almost a death sentence for a live service game (which does have a story mode). (True, it’s still better than Square Enix and PlatinumGames’ Babylon’s Fall… which had a record of only one player in the world on Steam.)

343 Industries has come out with their monthly update, and sure enough, after postponing patches and gutting the strategies for speedruns, they’ve decided to leave out a mode from Halo Infinite that was in most previous Halos. There will be no local co-op mode. (Joseph Staten, the game’s creative director, talks about it in the video below at 11:45.) And it isn’t the first time 343 Industries has left the feature out of Halo 5: Guardians, which did have an online co-op component.

Still, there are positives. Halo Infinite’s creative mode, Forge, is on its way and will be released soon. Players will quickly be able to start creating their content, as the studio has announced that Forge will be released on November 8, and two new maps will be released. These should be good samples as a starting point, as the team has created them using the tools available in the Forge game mode. Online co-op (also yet to be released) will also be available from November 8.

Other additions include Covert One Flag (asymmetrical loadouts for players) and Match XP (levelling up on top of the 30-level battle pass). However, the latter will only make its way to Halo Infinite, which will be a year old by then, later this winter.

Source: WCCFTech

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