[SOP] Demeo Will Be Playable With Or Without A PlayStation VR2! [VIDEO]

A desktop RPG where you don’t have to use Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset.


Demeo is already available on Steam (with VR and without, Meta Quest and Rift. Still, Resolution Games is also targeting the next-generation PlayStation and PlayStation VR with its board game. Let’s see what the studio says about the game: “Developed by a team of renowned industry veterans who have spent decades creating hit multiplayer experiences, Demeo recreates the magic of tabletop gaming with friends and the camaraderie that goes along with that in the digital realm.

True to the authentic tabletop experience, Demeo emphasizes strategizing and table-talk, recreating the feeling of moving miniatures around the game board, rolling the die and staking out dungeons with friends. Players’ time in the game together forms the narrative and the memories that last long after game night as the social interactions, teamwork and success of group adventures will differ significantly between sessions depending on each person’s play style, class selection and the semi-procedural nature of each level.

In this cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game of miniatures and monsters, players select from one of six playable classes—each with unique sets of offensive, defensive, and support abilities—and work together to explore dungeons and other fantasy lands as they quest for treasure and glory. Supporting up to four players, Demeo can be played in and out of virtual reality with a single purchase on most storefronts—including the PlayStation Store when it launches in 2023.

Following the game’s initial release in May 2021, Demeo’s playable universe has grown exponentially with the addition of new adventures and new classes as free updates. All of the experiences released to date, including “The Black Sarcophagus,” “Realm of the Rat King,” “Roots of Evil,” “Curse of the Serpent Lord,” and Demeo’s yet-to-be-disclosed upcoming fifth adventure will be included when Demeo debuts on PlayStation hardware. Demeo will also take advantage of several hardware benefits available on PlayStation VR2, including haptic feedback to give weight to objects and feel the impact of significant actions, eye-tracking for menu selection, and a 120hz refresh rate.”

Cross-platform gameplay and we can even have the VR-free version with one purchase. For that reason alone, Demeo, which is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 in 2023, is promising.

Source: Gematsu

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