[TGS 2022] Steam Deck Gets A Dock?! Interesting Sighting At The Tokyo Game Show

TECH NEWS – Valve has unveiled the official docking station for Steam Deck as part of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which gives a good look at the device.



Steam Deck is present at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and Valve surprised many onlookers by displaying it alongside the official docking station. The handheld dock has been a point of contention for some owners of the device, as Valve has been forced to postpone its release, and it remains unknown when it will actually be released.

While the Steam Deck itself has been a reasonably successful venture for Valve, the fact that the official dock is nowhere to be found has affected some users badly.

Many have been forced to turn to third-party solutions such as JSAUX. Valve has not mentioned that the docking station will be making an appearance at this year’s TGS, but the fact of its presence may suggest that the device’s release window is not too distant after all.

Although the current status of the Steam Deck docking station is a bit nebulous, it’s worth pointing out that Valve updated the dock’s functionality before the original release date estimate. An extra USB 3.1 port and a Gigabit Ethernet port have been added, which together provide ample connectivity for the device, which otherwise has a single USB-C connector on top of the case.

The price is also a concern for many users, as Valve has yet to reveal how much the docking station could end up costing.

Fortunately, regardless of the price, users can likely expect a quality product in the end when it finally does come out, as virtually all of Valve’s recent hardware releases have delivered solid performance for their kind. Valve has opened official Steam Deck repair centres for those who may encounter potential quality issues, which will likely address docking station issues as soon as it’s released.

Source: Reddit

The official dock is casually being shown off at Tokyo Game Show. from SteamDeck

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