[TGS 2022] Unholy: A Really Creepy Horror Game Coming To PS5 And Xbox Series X [VIDEO]

Unholy, the new creepy horror game from Duality Games, is coming to PC Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


Duality Games’ horror title Unholy, which has been in development for years, will officially be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The previous Unholy trailer was released in 2018 and detailed an interesting, post-apocalyptic and very creepy-looking world. Now, a new trailer highlights elements of the story and confirms that Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox players will also be able to experience Unholy.

Unholy joins an impressive list of PlayStation and Xbox horror games. While the setting looks similar to titles like Fallout, Metro Exodus, and Stalker, Unholy will hopefully set itself apart with unique and terrifying gameplay.

News of Unholy was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, along with many other games and game accessories. Unholy can now be wishlisted on Steam in preparation for the expected release in 2023. Duality Games hasn’t revealed when exactly the title will be available, but has confirmed a 2023 release. The recently released trailer showed some locations and enemies and outlined a story about a character searching for a missing child. He also highlighted a mysterious mask that seems to lure players into sinister and dangerous situations.

While very little has been confirmed about Unholy, the best horror games create tangible worlds and force characters into memorable and relatable experiences. Unholy seems to have succeeded in this. Of course, players will have to wait until the title’s official release to find out if the game is truly scary or captivating. Gaming is a great medium for horror content, and some fantastic titles have managed to keep fans engaged while also terrifying them. Unholy won’t have an easy time trying to make a name for themselves on the current platforms.

The good news is that many gamers have already pledged their support for the horror title and commented on their curiosity or excitement for the game. With other horror games such as Scorn preparing for release on consoles and PC, Duality Games must continue adding looks to its game to make players want more. The popularity of horror games should give potential fans a reason to give Unholy a chance. And hopefully, once the game is officially released, players will find a horror experience that lives up to the expectations that Duality Games has created.


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