Can We Create Our Unique Car In Codemasters’ WRC Game?

According to rumours, we can even use a custom rally car on the track.


Over the past decades, the WRC licence has been thrown around like a hot potato. First, Evolution Studios and Sony made five games for PS2 (the former was later known for DriveClub on PlayStation 4), then a few years later, Italy’s Milestone made four games (the third of which was the best, offering an arcade-like career mode). Kylotonn and Nacon took over the World Rally Championship licence. The last game in the series, WRC Generations, will come from them in October, but Electronic Arts will be next, as in 2020, Codemasters, which they have since acquired, will take the rights from 2023. (Or reacquired… because a significant number of developers from Evolution have gone to Codemasters Cheshire!)

Codemasters and rally have been inseparable since the late 90s. The DiRT series that evolved from Colin McRae Rally, and DiRT Rally, in particular, was incredibly authentic, so they know their stuff. On Insider Gaming, we read that the presumably great physics will accompany the ability to build your car and drive it in multiple game modes. It’s up to us to decide what it’s good at and not; we can choose the drivetrain, the engine, the exhaust, the differential or the gearbox. We can also customise the interior and exterior of the car to our taste.

There are sixteen different classes of cars (the Forza tiers come to mind here): WRC, WRC2, H1 FWD (front-wheel drive cars), and F2 Kitcar – to name a few. It should make for a reasonably substantial game from Codemasters and Electronic Arts (although the latter may have had problems elsewhere in the racing games sector, with the storm clouds gathering over Need For Speed, in development at Criterion and temporarily suspended due to Battlefield 2042, as we wrote about the other day).

Of course, all this is not yet official, but there’s a good chance we’ll see Codemasters’ new WRC game sometime in 2023. It might already skip PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: WCCFTech

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