Grand Theft Auto 6: Fans Could Have Figured Out Who The Voice Actors Are?!

Some GTA fans think they have guessed who the actors are who will play the main characters in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.



Some Grand Theft Auto 6 fans think they’ve guessed who the actors are who will play the main characters in Rockstar’s new game. Unfortunately for Rockstar Games, there was a massive Grand Theft Auto 6 hack recently, with more than 90 videos of the project in development being posted online. Among them were videos of two characters who are believed to be the main protagonists of the new game.

The massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak confirmed previous leaks about the game’s main playable characters, such as the fact that we will have both female and male characters.

According to the leaked information, the characters will be named Jason and Lucia, although fans should remember that Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed anything about them.

It is unlikely that Rockstar will reveal any concrete information about Jason or Lucia anytime soon, especially if the leaked 2025 GTA 6 release window is accurate. In the meantime, members of the GTA forums have taken it upon themselves to try and figure out who might be playing these characters based on what they’ve seen in the leaks and have concluded that Alexandra C. Echavarri will play Lucia, while Bryan Zampella will play Jason.



Bár nem tart még annyi újrakiadásnál a Grand Theft Auto V és a mellé társuló Grand Theft Auto Online mint a Resident Evil 4, azért a Rockstar is kezdi túlzásba vinni



As pointed out by Comic Book, Echavarri’s online resume shows that she was once featured in a Rockstar Games project, which makes the theory that she will play Lucia in Grand Theft Auto 6 even more plausible.

Both Echavarri and Zampella have several acting credits to their name, but neither is a mainstream star. This is in line with how Rockstar casts characters in its games, often choosing lesser-known actors. There have been times when Rockstar had cast celebrities in its projects, such as when Dr. Dre played himself in Grand Theft Auto Online, but the use of stars is the exception that proves the rule.

Of course, starring in a Rockstar Games project can boost one’s career.

A great example is Trevor’s actor Steven Ogg, whose career was mainly made up of minor television roles until his breakthrough performance in Grand Theft Auto 5. Since then, Ogg has starred in hit series such as Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead and Westworld. Time will tell if Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a similar impact on Echavarri and Zampella, assuming they are indeed rumoured to be playing the game’s lead characters.

Source: Comic Book

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