OneXPlayer’s Latest Steam Deck Rival Is Now Available For Pre-Order

With the AMD 6800U, you get a pretty decent portable PC, though its pricing isn’t exactly on par with what Valve is offering with its three Steam Deck variants (the only difference between them is the type and size of the built-in storage).


Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, handheld PCs have also started to increase, and Valve’s Steam Deck is one of the best-known examples. However, there are alternatives, while Gabe Newell and his team are working on newer models (their wording recently confirmed it). One example is OneXPlayer, which has been making portable PCs with both Intel and AMD solutions for quite some time. Their latest AMD product, the OneXPlayer Mini Pro with a 7″ display, is available for pre-order now, and if you put $50 on the table for the nearly 600 gram (!!!) handheld PC, you get a 23% discount on the price of the machine. It is crucial because the devices are not cheap.

The processor is an AMD Ryzen 6800U, and the graphics chip is an AMD Radeon 680M with LPDDR5 RAM. It’s got a 1920×1200 resolution HD 323 PPI panel display, and the base model is $1199 ($919 pre-ordered), although this machine has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The more expensive models are 16 GB/1 TB ($1299/pre-order 1019), 16 GB/2 TB ($1450/$1170), 32 GB/2 TB ($1549/$1269). So even the entry-level machine isn’t bad. The hardware is pretty similar to the AOKZOE AI, although pre-orders for that have already started.

It’s a good solution for those who don’t have the space for a desktop PC or laptop but still want PC gaming. They’ll have to pay a lot in return, but the bonus dock and storage bag can be a nice extra for pre-ordering. The device that offers 2.5 hours of playtime will see its shipping begin on October 15.

Source: PCGamer

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