PlayStation Plus Essential: These Games Are Coming In October 2022

Sony’s logic is unbelievable: in September, they did what we said they should do, and now, they didn’t!


Before we talk about the games, the PlayStation Plus post from Sony in September was what would have been logical: a post with everything from “the blue company”. Alongside PlayStation Plus Essential, the old single-tier PS Plus games, they also revealed what games would be added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium categories, giving us a convenient, friendly list in one place of what we can play regardless of subscription level. We missed that this time… as well as the fact that there were no leaks via the French Dealabs website.

Anyway, let’s see the three games that all PlayStation Plus subscribers get. Milestone’s relatively successful (and frequently updated content-wise) game Hot Wheels Unleashed tops the list. The racing game will be available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. That’s pretty average for a start, but unfortunately, the other two titles aren’t quite as compelling to make you say “nice”…

The second game could be good for fans of the fighting genre, although they have several years to get their hands on NetherRealm’s Injustice 2. At least the third title is outstanding, but it’s also something that almost everyone has played (or could have played) in recent years because Superhot isn’t very recent, either. It seems like a cheap way for Sony to make it part of PlayStation Plus Essential because they certainly didn’t have to pay such a huge amount for it…

But where are the PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium listings? Sony says they will be announced “later this month” in the announcement post. It’s two days until October. What on Earth is stopping the company from announcing everything straight away? The PlayStation Plus Essential games for October will be available from October 4 to October 31. There’s still until Monday to download the September games (Need For Speed: Heat – PlayStation 4, Granblue Fantasy: Versus – PlayStation 4, Toem – PlayStation 5).

Source: PS Blog

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