PS Plus Premium: Some Classic PS2 Games Can Have Serious Problems?!

Some PS Plus Premium players report serious graphical issues with classic games such as Ape Escape 2 and Okage: Shadow King.



Some PS2 games, such as Ape Escape and Primal, are reportedly experiencing serious visual problems with their PS Plus Premium versions. The addition of a library of classic PlayStation games from PS1 to PS3, as well as the portable PSP, was one of the main attractions of PS Plus Premium after the announcement of the service’s redesign. With a catalogue of over 400 classic games available with a Premium subscription, many fans were looking forward to streaming and downloading their favourite classic games.

In a post on the PlayStation Plus subreddit, Reddit user oilfloatsinwater claimed that there were significant technical issues with the PS Plus Premium version of Ape Escape 2.

The post described several visual issues with the Ape Escape 2 port, including screen flickering, text and icons flickering, and textures not loading correctly. The user also claimed that other players had reported similar problems with games such as Okage: Shadow King and Primal through the service.

Other subreddit users have also repeated many of the same problems oilfloatsinwater experienced with Ape Escape 2. Some have suggested that the port runs better on PS4 than the PS5 version. Gaming YouTuber Mystic has also uploaded a video to his channel addressing similar issues with various games, both those mentioned in the post and others such as Manhunt and The Warriors. Sony has not yet officially addressed performance issues with PS Plus Premium ports.

PS Plus Premium’s classic offerings include a wide selection of Sony’s many previous consoles, mainly the PS3.

PS3 games make up the bulk of the classics library for PS Plus Premium members, with PS3 games only available for streaming. The PS3 is notoriously tricky to backwards compatibility with later PlayStation consoles due to the console’s unique architecture. Many fan-favourite PS3 games, such as Metal Gear Solid 4, are still not playable on modern consoles.

Recent updates have added classic Sony games such as Sly Cooper and Syphon Filter 2 to the subscription bundle, while other popular games such as Dino Crisis and The Legend of Dragoon are also rumoured to be coming to PS Plus in the near future.

Source: YouTube, Reddit

Ape Escape 2, a game on PS Plus Premium, is completely broken on PS5 from PlayStationPlus

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