Steam Deck: Custom Boot Videos Incoming?! Suspicious Signs From Valve

TECH NEWS – Nothing has been officially announced yet, but a Steam Deck specialist data miner may know the truth.



Data miner and SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik has found solid evidence that Valve is planning to introduce short videos – “startup movies” – triggered by the inclusion of Steam Deck (which we recently tested, read it here) into the Steam Points Shop.

While nothing has been officially announced yet, a Steam Store JSON document suggests that Valve is already making a page for startup movies or boot videos.

The document contains branding text that describes startup movies as a way to “personalize your Steam Deck’s startup sequence.” It also previews a possible product description (“Use your Steam Points to get this Steam Deck Startup Movie. You can set this movie to play when your Steam Deck starts up.”) and an instruction (“You can select your Startup Movie by going to Settings → Customization on your Steam Deck.”).

Earlier this month, Valve released a beta update that lets users easily add custom startup animations to their tiny computers. The decision, Valve wrote in a post about the update, was inspired by the community’s enthusiasm around boot videos. According to Djundik, the videos wouldn’t be necessary if Deck could simply boot faster, but the boot video subreddit and the full-fledged website that grew out of it seem happy to live slowly.

You earn Steam points by, you know, spending money on Steam; for every dollar you take out of your wallet, you get 100 points.

Right now, you can use points to get cute, albeit incredibly useless, little things for your Steam store profile, like animated borders for your avatar, chat stickers, and profile backers. The starter movies are similarly tiny but slightly more in demand than some of the other Points Shop offerings, like this 28,000-point seasonal badge with toilet paper. They will be a welcome addition to the currently somewhat useless Steam Points Shop offerings.

Source: Steam, Twitter

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