God Of War Ragnarok: The Voice Of Atreus Was A Challenge For Developers

Sony Santa Monica has confirmed that developers had to edit Atreus’ voice in God of War Ragnarok to ensure consistency.



In God of War Ragnarok, Atreus has matured since his previous God of War adventure with Kratos. His voice actor has improved a lot in recent years. Atreus’ voice was edited several times during the recording process, which presented a new challenge for the developers.

In a new behind-the-scenes video from PlayStation, Jodie Kupsco, the Supervising Dialogue Director for God of War Ragnarok, talks to Sunny Suljic, Atreus’ voice actor, about the challenges of recording the voice-over.

Sunny is going through puberty, so the development of God of War Ragnarok has drastically changed her voice.

Suljic’s mutation meant the development team had to adapt to the new changes. At the same time, the team was struggling to cope with an already extended production period at the height of the Crown Virus epidemic. The extensive editing process ensured that Suljic’s voice matched what players expected from Atreus.

Although Atreus also grows up in God of War Ragnarok, less time has passed since the end of the previous game than in reality. The production team had to “balance” Suljic’s performance to bring Atreus’ voice in line with his performance in God of War. The pandemic made it challenging to work with motion capture. Thus, the production team had to work within constraints while ensuring that Atreus’ voice was up to scratch. These challenges were not present during the development of God of War, but the studio adapted to the circumstances.

God of War Ragnarok Executive Producer Ariel Angelotti reassures fans that the transitions have not changed during development.

All the cinematics feature the same characters that were initially intended to be featured. So in that sense, players don’t have to worry about cut content. According to Angelotti, the team had to be “creative” without compromising with a content shot within different constraints. Suljic’s voice work should meet players’ expectations when the game is released next month.

The team at Sony Santa Monica is committed to creating a polished and worthwhile experience as the conclusion to the God of War North saga. Atreus is an essential character in the current story. It was vital for the studio to match Suljic’s voice to the character on this final journey.

Source: IGN

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