This Is Genshin Impact Running With An Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – A Genshin Impact video shows the game running at 13K resolution thanks to the recently released Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090.



A recent Genshin Impact video shows what the game can do with the proper hardware support. One of the secrets to the title’s success is the graphics, which use cel-shaded rendering techniques. This is in line with the general anime-inspired character and world design approach.

A video posted by the YouTube channel Golden Reviewer shows the performance of the new RTX 4090, running the game at 13k.

Some commenters have pointed out that the resolution is actually above 13K. (Since the Render Resolution option is set to 1.5.) The new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is currently having some issues. These include the high price and adapter problems. However, it’s hard to deny that its impressive performance represents the next generation of graphics hardware. Gaming graphics setup has been a hot topic in the community recently. Namely, HoYoverse decided to change the anti-aliasing settings.

Genshin Impact version 3.2 has completely removed SMAA and TAA with a new rendering technique called FSR 2.0. This is short for FidelityFX Super Resolution. Players have complained that the new FSR 2.0 anti-aliasing technique makes the game look too sharp, especially when moving. Some fans said the worst part of the change is that players can only choose between using FSR 2.0 or turning off anti-aliasing completely.

While the community didn’t like this change, it may be the developer’s way of slowly solving one of the game’s biggest problems, which is the 60 FPS ceiling on PC.

Fortunately, HoYoverse has released a statement following the significant backlash. In it, they state that they will bring SMAA back into the game in future Genshin Impact updates. However, gamers are still unhappy that they are forced to experience one of the most epic battles in history with poor graphics.

Source: YouTube

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