Latest Trailer For Need for Speed Unbound Focuses On The Takeover Event! [VIDEO]

A fresh trailer for Need for Speed Unbound features A$AP Rocky and the game’s repeatable Takeover event.



A new Need for Speed Unbound gameplay trailer showcases the Takeover replay challenge event. This event will challenge players to be fast but accurate and look good while doing it.

The standout feature of Need For Speed Unbound is its style.

With flashy car effects, A$AP Rocky’s flow and fashion choices from brands like PUMA, Champion, Versace, Palace and others, style is at the heart of Need for Speed Unbound.

As A$AP Rocky said in the latest trailer, “Street Style is Everything”, and Need For Speed Unbound aims to draw on this style factor with the Takeover events.

Takeover will be a series of events that will test players’ skills. The aim is to ensure they can drive with precision and style in Need for Speed Unbound, not just speed. The point system in Takeover is not that different from previous Need for Speed titles. Players must perform a series of stunts, such as drifting and jumping. They also have to smash collectibles to collect points to beat the Takeover challenge. Multiplier bonuses are awarded for completing consecutive stunts. However, these are reset if the player crashes or loses momentum. The player will not race against other cars during the Takeover but must beat the previously set score to pass the Event.

These events can be repeated, but the events that advance the campaign only happen at night. Failure of the Takeover will incur the wrath of A$AP Rocky. But players can practice and repeat Takeover events during the day. To win, a player must beat the score of 3 other players on a given course. It is possible that the scores of these AI competitors will later be replaced by other players in Unbound’s online multiplayer tournaments. Or even the highest scores achieved by friends. However, this has not been confirmed at the moment.

As the game places a strong emphasis on style, customisable vehicle parts, paint and decals may also play a role in Takeover scores.

A good performance will earn A$AP respect and improve the player’s standing in The Grand, as well as a possible takeover of Lakeshore City’s street racing scene.

The path to The Grand crown in Need for Speed Unbound has impressed some players. They are looking forward to the series returning to the original Need for Speed Most Wanted glory days. With all the styling options in both car customisation and fashion, the game seeks to make up for the significant shortcomings of the vehicles and deliver a memorable experience.

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