License Issues Around PlayStation Plus Extra And Premium Games?

It’s worth paying attention to if you’re upgrading to a higher tier after using the old PlayStation Plus (now PlayStation Plus Essential).


If you find that previously activated PlayStation Plus games are unavailable, even though you’ve already got them, there’s a reason, and it’s something you wouldn’t expect. If you subscribe to the two higher tiers of PlayStation Plus (PlayStation Plus Extra, where you have to watch out if a game quietly disappears; PlayStation Plus Premium, where it’s almost laughable how the range doesn’t expand to include PS1, PS2, and PSP titles…), then your old PlayStation Plus Essential license will be overwritten on the game in question…

It’s come up on Reddit that a game recently removed from PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium that was previously part of PlayStation Plus (in the old, single-tier model) is no longer eligible for activation. The game in question, in this case, is Greedfall, which was free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December 2020. The game then appeared in the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium catalog, and anyone who might have played Spiders’ action RPG again overwrote their old license. In other words, once it left the redesigned PS Plus this year, it became unplayable for subscribers even if they were already subscribers at the end of 2020. They may have downloaded it again under the new model subscription.

It doesn’t just affect Greedfall, several new or at least upgraded subscribers have run into this error. Is there an official solution? Knowing Sony, as you’d expect, no, there isn’t. You can contact their customer service, but there, the highest-level users of the PlayStation Stars loyalty program are preferred. You have to prove to the other person in the chatbox that you have activated the game you lost access to. Still, someone tried it already and failed with Greedfall.

Why has Sony not tested these scenarios? Do they think consumers will quietly swallow losing access to what they have earned with their older subscription? That’s not fair.

Source: PSL

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