A Hungarian solution has been created to reduce utility bills with home solar panels

TECH NEWS – At the end of October, the domestic market for domestic solar panel installations suddenly stopped. With the complete elimination of the option to feed back, many stopped or did not even start this type of investment, because the announced change made the worst-case scenario come true for newly entering households. Even if they produce electricity with solar energy, if they can’t use it, the excess is lost and wasted. The entire industry started working to solve the situation. Now it is clear that one of the best ways to store and use solar energy is /strong>alternative comes from the circle of smart home developers. Chameleon Smart Home, which has already made a name for itself in the smart home market with its solutions, develops and installs platform-independent smart solutions, for example, it enters the market with a peninsula solar system that can efficiently use the energy produced by solar cells, from shutter control to heating control distribute it in the house, store it in home energy storage batteries and take electricity from the network if needed.


It is a shocking fact that, while in the first nine months of 2022, more than 25,000 small household solar power plants were installed in Hungary, increasing the total number of home energy systems operating in this form to 160,000, hardly any new installation requests were received after November 1 this year. According to forecasts, no significant progress is expected in this segment in 2023 either. The reason can be clearly explained by the termination of the feed-in option and the state-supported solar panel program. Of course, this is not good for anyone, because an important cornerstone of the transition to efficient, long-term sustainable energy use is the spread of renewable energy systems among the population as well.

“Although the unexpected change in the rules concerning the installation and usability of domestic solar panels has greatly reduced interest, we still say that everyone should still consider solar investments. We are talking about creating a system that, supplemented with smart home solutions, significantly improves the energy efficiency of households and can also reduce utility costs.” – said Péter Szarvas, founder and CEO of Chameleon Smart Home Zrt.

The specialist added that the smart home solution they developed in previous years and introduced to the market greatly helped the development of the peninsula operation system in order to ensure that residential and business consumers have to buy as little energy as possible from the power supplier. The peninsula operation system is able to store the electricity produced by the solar panel and make it immediately usable in the house where it is needed. All of this is due to the fact that the system based on smart home developments knows exactly the needs of the consumers, what and how much energy they are used to and should spend in their home, and with low consumption, the electricity produced by solar panels is immediately stored and used later if necessary. The energy efficiency of apartments controlled by the smart home system is further enhanced if several devices that require energy are connected to the central unit. Thus, starting from operating the air conditioner, controlling the lighting of the lamps, producing hot water, and even charging an electric car at home, many things can be operated economically, which most people would probably not do due to the costs of the electricity network.

“With this development, we have taken an important step in the direction of conscious energy use, since the energy produced and then stored by solar cells can, for example, operate the air conditioners at night, we can use them for cooling in summer and heating in winter without having to buy even 1 kilowatt of electricity from the service provider. What’s more, we have also adapted to the new utility subsidy system, as our users can see through the application running on their phone whether they are expected to exceed the amount of state-subsidized energy they can use each month, and they can also find out where they need to reduce their energy consumption in order to stay within the within a specified framework.” Péter Szarvas put it this way: “Until now, the smart home was a vitamin, from now on it will be a medicine that saves us from high utility bills, while providing comfort, care and security.”

Creating energy security is also an increasingly urgent task at the level of households. We are living in a period of energy shortage and crisis, which also means that we need a realistic alternative to be able to become independent from the networks. Accordingly, one of the most dynamically developing areas in recent years is the smart home market. After successful product development and foreign market opening, Chameleon Smart Home Zrt. announced in October of this year that it is preparing to go public as a Hungarian StartUp, thus appearing on the Stock Exchange after several successful investment rounds.

As an independent smart home integrator since 2017, the company’s mission has been to create apartments, offices, terraced houses, and residential areas with its innovative solutions that form the cornerstones of the smart cities of the future.

Source: Chameleon Smart Home press release

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