Horizon Forbidden West: PlayStation 4 Players Will Miss Out On DLC!

With far more PlayStation 4 players than PlayStation 5 (for several reasons), it’s legitimate for one camp to be upset about the lack of access to content.


During The Game Awards, it was announced that Guerrilla Games would follow up Horizon Zero Dawn’s example with a content add-on for its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. One minor snag: the DLC, Burning Shores, is missing out on a console. Announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla for PlayStation 5 (and will be on PC later, as all PS5-exclusive first-party games are now making the jump to Steam and the Epic Games Store; see the example of Returnal, which we discussed the system requirements for today), it will NOT be on PlayStation 4, as the studio calls it an ambitious expansion.

On Reddit, one critical user wrote, “If you’re going to put a game on a platform, then it’s only fair that every platform it’s available on have access to any DLC that comes after otherwise you might as well have just not included it on that system, to begin with.” And on Twitter, one of many critical voices: “All the time and dedication we have put into following Aloy’s story and people like myself who can’t afford a PS5 will not get to see Aloy’s story conclude.”

Because the base game is available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, it’s a valid point. Still, for the critical gamer, we’d like to mention another example that illustrates a similar situation: base game first on the previous console generation, then later on the current console duo; an expansion has been announced, but it’s already leaving PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s Cyberpunk 2077, for which Phantom Liberty will be the only content expansion, and CD Projekt RED is not developing it for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You’ll need a beefier PC or a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series. Are they critical of this move as well?

Don’t overlook another example.

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