Will The Blu-ray Drive Not Support The Current PlayStation 5 Digital Edition?

Rumors suggest that the detachable (and yet to be officially announced) disc drive will not work with “the first generation PlayStation 5.”


We should call this long-rumored console the PlayStation 5 Slim, which, if it does arrive this autumn, would be approximately three years after the base PlayStation 5. Rumors suggest that Sony will only produce one version of the console. It wouldn’t come with a Blu-ray drive as standard (so it would be the successor to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition), but you could buy a plug-in Blu-ray drive in exchange so that those who prefer to trade in their used games would still have the option to play them that way.

A trusted insider, Tom Henderson, has taken to Twitter to provide new details about the PlayStation 5 Slim, which are, of course, unconfirmed. He says that there will be no significant hardware changes (so no more RAM or a more powerful processor or GPU) and that the Blu-ray drive (which Sony will sell with the console and separately) will not be compatible with the current PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which sounds a bit anti-consumer (we’re not alone), as it would mean older customers would have to buy a newer PlayStation 5.

Henderson added in another tweet that he believes production of the PlayStation 5 Slim will start early in the new financial year, in April and will be available as early as September. Since Sony decided last year to increase the price of the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in virtually every country outside the US, it seems logical to release them at this time. It looks like the company will not cut the price, so they’ll probably charge €550 for the redesigned PS5 and the Blu-ray drive…

Of course, all this is not official, but given Sony’s recent blunders (they’ve just doubled down on the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium listing), chances are it’s all true.

Source: PSL

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