British Acting Veteran Julian Sands Is Still Missing After More than a Week Has Passed

MOVIE NEWS – Julian Sands’s family reported him missing on January 13 after he went on a hike in the Baldy Bowl area of the Southern California mountains and did not return. Search and rescue teams have been combing the area ever since, but inclement weather and other conditions have affected their efforts. Avalanche risks have halted search efforts on the ground, but rescuers are still scanning the area by helicopter, hoping for the best.


At this point, all investigators have been able to find has been Sands’ car, located near the area where he’d been reported missing. Additional efforts to locate him by pinging his cell phone have also been made but have not turned up anything fruitful as of yet.

“There has been no new update or witness information about his whereabouts since then,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Public Information Officer, Gloria Huerta, told BBC News on Friday.

“The air search is being resumed, but we have not been able to resume a ground search yet due to icy conditions and a threat of avalanches.”

While family, friends, and fans are still praying for the 65-year-old and hoping for the best, the odds of finding him alive and well seem to diminish with each passing day. As of now, police have stated that there hasn’t been a “hard deadline” set to end the search and rescue operations.

Meanwhile, police also say they’ve responded to more than a dozen other distress calls in the Mount Baldy area over the past four weeks following heavy storms.

This includes continued efforts to find another hiker who’d gone missing days after Sands, while one woman died last week after tumbling down Mount Baldy. “It is hazardous and even experienced hikers are getting in trouble,” a police statement said of the area. A father of three, Sands has been living in Los Angeles with his wife, though he hails from England.

The veteran actor has appeared in many different films, such as The Killing Fields, Warlock, and Leaving Las Vegas, and TV shows like Smallville and Banshee. He had more recently appeared in the films Benediction, The Survivalist, and The Ghosts of Monday.

Source: MovieWeb

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