Xbox Game Pass: Could We Only Get One Day-One Game For The Whole Of February?!

While Xbox Game Pass subscribers usually have a fair idea of what to expect from one month to the next, only one game has been announced for February 2023.



As of this writing, the only game Xbox Game Pass subscribers know is coming in February 2023 is the first-person shooter Atomic Heart. In recent years, Microsoft has established clear patterns for new Game Pass games. Typically spotlighting new titles coming to the service roughly every week or two. However, in 2023, Microsoft has drastically deviated from this pattern, leaving many subscribers confused.

Microsoft didn’t start January 2023 by announcing the new Xbox Game Pass games of the month, instead opting to launch games on the service in a surprising way.

Meanwhile, subscribers received push notifications about new Game Pass games. But not ones that have actually been added to the service yet. Microsoft then published a short blog post highlighting the new Xbox Game Pass games that joined this week. But it still didn’t shed any light on what the second half of January 2023 has in store.

Nor do subscribers know much more about what’s in store for them next month. Typically, earlier release date announcements let Xbox Game Pass subscribers in on the various titles. However, as of this writing, Atomic Heart is the only day-one confirmed game for February 2023.

On the plus side, Atomic Heart is a fairly significant addition to the Xbox Game Pass lineup: the Mundfish-made FPS has been highly anticipated since its unveiling a few years ago.

The game has been compared to titles such as BioShock and Fallout, and its Soviet aesthetic and exaggerated enemy design has been turning heads. Time will tell whether Atomic Heart lives up to the hype or not, but regardless, it’s always great for subscribers when Game Pass is updated with a new first-day game.

Of course, Atomic Heart won’t be the only new game coming to Xbox Game Pass in February 2023. But it’s not yet known when Microsoft will pull the curtain down on the other new titles coming next month. It would generally be safe to assume that the first unveiling will be in early February. But so far, this year has been chaotic regarding Game Pass unveilings. Perhaps February will get them back on track with announcements. However, subscribers will have to wait and see what happens on that front.

Source: Pure Xbox

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