C-Smash VRS: Cosmic Smash Reborn On PlayStation VR2 [VIDEO]

The classic sports/puzzle genre game on the SEGA Dreamcast (after starting life on the SEGA Naomi arcade platform) has been reimagined.


SEGA has agreed to allow RapidEyeMovers to publish Wolf & Wood’s game. Its demo will soon be released for the PlayStation VR2, which will premiere next week (costing more than the PlayStation 5). Here’s the game’s overview from the PlayStation Store: “Experience SEGA’s beloved arcade and console classic reimagined for virtual reality and online gameplay. Imagine playing the ultimate sport while feeling both stimulated and relaxed, your mind and body at one with the best music and stunning visuals—a truly transportive experience.

Go on a transformative Journey to the edge of space and time—alone or with a friend—or play a variety of competitive modes against players worldwide. Experience the ultimate workout with the Infinity mode. The game includes original tracks from DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96). Your avatar’s body and dynamic environments pulse to the beat—pure synaesthesia. C-Smash VRS fuses the best of racket sports—squash, tennis, racket, paddle ball, and beyond—and other sporting disciplines into a stellar physical experience.

Built from the ground up by virtual reality pioneers Wolf & Wood and an international dream team of artists, designers, and musicians, all committed to changing how a game can make you move, see, hear, and feel. Learn the basics in minutes before going on to master mind- and time-bending Trick Shots and special techniques. Transport your whole body to another universe. A total mind and body experience. Get fit to the beat while having fun as you build up a sweat.”

A demo of C-Smash VRS (which already has a website here) will be available for PlayStation VR2 from March 23. The full game’s release date is not yet known: it’s only confirmed that it will launch sometime in 2023.

Source: Gematsu

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