Sony Has Taken The PlayStation VR2 Apart [VIDEO]

Sony has also looked closely at the controller designed alongside the virtual reality headset. We’ve added another video from Capcom to accompany one of the opening titles. They also published a blog post about it.


In the first video, Sony takes apart the PlayStation VR2. The PS Blog reads, “In the PlayStation VR2 headset video above, Takamasa Araki from the Mechanical Design team explains how he and his team achieved the well-balanced and symmetrical internal structure, enhanced cooling system for comfortable gameplay, optics for exceptional graphic fidelity, and the ergonomic headband designed to maximize comfort. He also highlights how the headset is developed to be light and compact while maintaining its high-functioning, sturdy structure.

The second video focuses on the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. Takeshi Igarashi from the Peripheral Design team dives into the controller’s tracking technology that amplifies the feeling of immersion, with finger-touch detection that enables players to make more natural hand gestures during gameplay, as well as the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that build upon the innovation of the DualSense wireless controller,” the blog added.

Plus, we’ve added a video of Resident Evil: Village, as it’ll be among the PlayStation VR2 launch titles (which is a bit tricky, as Gran Turismo 7 and No Man’s Sky were released earlier, but will be supported by a free update for the new PlayStation product). Those who already have the base edition of the game, or perhaps the Gold Edition, need not do anything as Capcom is adding a free update to the game, so it will also support the next-generation version of PlayStation VR. Still, for those who might be unsure about the game, a demo will be available to take Ethan Winters’ Eastern European adventure.

The demo, PlayStation VR2 mode, and PlayStation VR2 itself for Resident Evil: Village will be available from February 22, costing more than the PlayStation 5.

Source: Gematsu, Gematsu

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