Hogwarts Legacy: Could There Be Something Wrong With An Important Game Element?!

A Harry Potter fan who has tried out Hogwarts Legacy has published a shocking analysis of why there is a severe problem with the ties on the game’s house uniforms…



A Harry Potter fan playing Hogwarts Legacy has noticed an interesting bug. It’s likely that many such fans at Avalanche Software are working to make the game incredibly accurate to the Harry Potter books. But tie design isn’t necessarily a Harry Potter-specific issue.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Hogwarts students wear the uniforms of their own houses, drawing inspiration from the UK’s Victorian-era private school culture.

The player in question, CaptainRumBelly, noted that he had chosen Mardekar as his Hogwarts house. He then gave a thorough analysis of the game’s ties. He claims nothing less than that they are, in fact, misrepresented. The stripes of the Hogwarts Legacy ties, more correctly called ‘rep-striped’ ties, are not properly aligned. There are two problems in total. The first is that the stripes on the bottom of the tie point upwards towards the right shoulder, towards the heart, instead of the left. Secondly, the top of the tie is aligned with the bottom instead of going in the opposite direction.

According to CaptainRumBelly, both tie designs are incorrect. They are more akin to the American-style rep-striped ties he describes rather than the UK or Europe. This perhaps suggests that the developer Avalanche Software has taken a cue from the wrong region for the Hogwarts Legacy rep tie.

It’s unclear if the design of the rep-tie is ever mentioned in the Harry Potter books, but CaptainRumBelly says that the ties are correct for the Harry Potter films.

Interesting to think that Avalanche Software may not have used the movies as source material for Hogwarts Legacy. Of course, maybe the rep tie was just too small a detail to notice.

Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy didn’t ruin the whole game with the faulty rep ties. Another Hogwarts Legacy player mentions that many Hogwarts students in the game have at least the correct stripe orientation on the bottom half of the tie. They say that “prefect shirts and waistcoats, tattersall shirts, autumn sweaters, and all diamond uniforms except the classic Gryffindor” are correct. So it looks like all is not lost for those Harry Potter fans who strive for total fidelity.

Source: Reddit

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